I read this book for you because I know you hate reading.

Right now, Im reading this really great book. You don't really need to actually read the book at all because I'm going to sum it up for you.

He's basically just re-explaining the same idea over and over again.

Anyways, this book is called the Lean Startup, by Eric Ries
(Ries is pronounced "Reece"... I felt like a dummy when I said it wrong to a bunch of tech people).

Basically here are the main things he talks about. To me, it's pretty life changing (when it comes to business at least). Oh, this book is SUPER popular in the startup culture too. It's like their bible.


Don't spend a ton of time or money working on a business you know nothing about (your new startup). Instead, realize that even though you believe you know what your customers want, you don't and can't actually know what they want until you do one thing. That one thing is to talk to as many customers as you can.

Spend your time talking. Take their feedback. Build a little feature. Then talk to them again. Watch the numbers. When you built that feature, did your product/website get more buys/views/clicks? If yes, spread the word about your product to more people LIKE THAT. If no, design another experiment and learn from that. 


The idea is worthless. The idea doesn't matter. There are millions of failed business ideas that are good. The problem is you have to pair your idea with the person who wants it. But it's hard to build an idea then go hunt for the right person. The easier way is to find a person (humans are everywhere) and then ask them what they need and want. If they don't know, that's okay. Go ask someone else. 


Doesn't doing this mean you're just building whatever customers tell you to build and completely forgetting your bigger vision and dream? No. You are just looking for a starting place where you can execute your bigger vision from. The goal is to find your first stream of customers. From there, you do this process again and again until you take over the world, become super rich, invite Bob on your private jet (you know you want me there) and travel the world in luxury while saving lives. 

To Sum It Up:

Your idea might be good. It might be cool. It might keep you up at night because you think its so badass (mine does)... And that's all a great sign you are working on your passion. But go talk to people and listen to them. Find out what they want and build THAT.  Oh also, there's a ton of ways to build your business without actually building it and for really cheap. That's the biggest reason to actually read this book. There are like 40 tactics in there.

...and that's the book haha.

On a side note, would you mind checking out www.formcircle.com (my startup) and hit me up with feedback? It would mean a lot.... and I'll sum up another book for you to say thanks. -Bob