What I did when I was a consultant

I recently was hired as a consultant to help someone systemize their business.

They felt trapped. They couldn't leave for very long or the business would fall apart. They wanted to spend more time with their family and less at work.

We spent a week together working on it and changed a lot of things but the main thing I recommend is turning every major process into a checklist.

Here's a sample of a checklist we use at www.airwavesmusic.ca for managing DJs before events.
*Note: This is only part of the checklist*

If the business is always changing, you cannot systemize it.

I recommend tracking your major tasks in a journal for a month or two (We sped this up to 1 week during the consulting process)

Then, note the processes that repeat themselves.

Turn them into checklists and assign an owner for them.

Finally, hook your checklists up to a system that can track them. I recommend www.formcircle.com for that.

You can read more about my views on systemizing and growing businesses here in a recent book I was featured in: