What I'm Working On

For the past few months, I've been working on a new project and have basically kept it to myself. I now feel that the pieces are in place and we are starting to see some significant progress.

During the winter, around January,  I began working on a project called Form Circle. This was meant to be a plugin to use with existing CRM software in the Event industry. Basically it was an easy way to track what paperwork your customers had completed and what was still overdue, against a deadline. 

Nobody wanted to use that software because it wasn't a complete solution. I tried to integrate with existing systems but for some reason or another, none could do that. I was forced to reach a decision: give up on the project or pivot. I then began calling people in all kinds of industries to see if they could use Form Circle. This varied from a call with a 5 person RCMP software team to a Moving Company, a Web Design Firm, a lawyer and a Hair Salon. I also talked to more people in the event industry. It had come full circle. People in the event industry wanted what I wanted; A modern project management tool that integrated with other apps and programs.

This spring, we raised an initial seed round of funding from someone I have an incredibly high level of respect for, who had a history of doing about $40MM a year in their last business. I personally invested a significant portion of my own money as well to prove to our investor and also to myself that I was committed. We also hired a CTO with significant experience to begin building. 

That CTO had multiple projects on the go and didn't work out so unfortunately we were left struggling to move forward without them. We hired a small team that consisted of local devs and outsourced devs and money began draining out of our bank accounts. That wasn't great but we had to move forward. I began teaching myself coding more and more (though I had already begun much earlier) but this set me into overdrive. Sometimes I'd teach myself to code for 6 hours straight. I started getting better but it still wasn't fast enough or good enough yet for our project.

Around that time, one of my best friends and favourite people (and by far, the smartest guy I know) offered to be our CTO. He came onboard and we have been moving forward at a really fast pace ever since. We've also partnered with some very large players who I can't yet announce and have our early customers trying the system. I also contributed the first lines of my own code to the project not so long ago and it is amazing to contribute to the actual building of the product in a small way.

So that's what I've been up to. If you are interested in checking out our site, it's up at www.eventtemple.com