Freedom And Risk Are Best Friends

A close family member of mine isn't doing so well. Old age has caught up and it seems there is a feeling in the air like it's taken a turn for the worst. It's funny how you don't talk to somebody for a while and then you find yourself calling them every day when it comes down to the line.

I often get busy with work and my goals. It's easy for me to pull a 14 hour day between Airwaves, Event Temple, teaching myself how to code and trying to be healthy and going for runs, walks and the gym. Normally it's 9am-midnight and I'm really, really happy to do that. In fact, there is probably nowhere I'd rather be, including vacation as strange as that sounds. 

Sometimes that scares me. Too much work can be a dangerous thing.

When you realize that all of our lives are going to end someday, you gain a different perspective.

That perspective I think is a gift and one of the best things that can happen to you, because it helps you to live your life at 100%. You wake up with this outlook and the world looks and feels different. For a few days, things slow down and you appreciate them again. You work, but you strive for balance. You call your friends and your family just to chat. You go for a nice long walk. 
You close a business deal and sincerely enjoy every minute of the conversation. You are living in the present.

The truth is, time is worth much more than money. Any billionaire would give everything they have just to be young again, or to have more time to live.

That's the reason I became an entrepreneur. Not to get rich and not to be powerful, but just to free my time from money. To work on what I feel passionate about, when I feel inspired to do so. 

When life presents you more money, I urge you to ask yourself if it will really give you more time in the long run. If the answer is a clear no, I don't think any amount of money is worth it.

Your cost of living is lower than you think. If I had a son or daughter and they were trying to choose between earning $3000 a month with freedom or $10,000 a month with a job, I'd always want freedom for them. I wouldn't even need to think about it. 

Don't kid yourself either, you cannot buy the freedom later by saving the $10,000 a month. I knew a friend making $400K a year. He said he bought $20K couches because he could afford them, but he wasn't free. He wasn't going to get free either. Freedom was off the table because his lifestyle cost him too much. 

Risk and freedom are best friends with each other. You can never bypass one to earn the other. You cannot take a stepping stone of security on your way to freedom. In my experience, you must commit to and embrace the unknown. Janis Joplin said freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose. I think in a lot of ways that is very true.

Freedom is elusive and only shows itself when you are willing to lose everything. You won't even taste freedom until you put all your cards on the table and leave yourself exposed. That's because freedom is the ultimate prize. You have to show the world that nothing else is worth more to you than freedom if you really want it. Only then can you have it.

In my experience, it feels like this:

At first it's pretty scary.
Then you feel stupid.
Then you are criticized.
Then you fail.
Then it starts to work. 
Then it becomes easy.
Then it becomes fun. 
Then it becomes who you are.
Then you are free.

Living free has been the greatest gift in my life that I could ever imagine and it doesn't cost much money. It's a spiritual decision as strange as that sounds.

When I reflect on my life so far, I feel the one thing that sticks out above all else is the freedom I have earned for myself. I feel more proud of that than anything I have ever done. I am so happy it is part of my life's journey and I hope it can be part of yours too.

Whatever you are scared of losing, trust me, freedom is worth it.