How My Purpose Found Me

In the picture above, you can see Richard Branson holding an Airwaves card, yours truly, and my awesome super-babe of a girlfriend, Steph. This old shot with Sir Richie Branson seemed like a suitable picture for this post, since I think he's one of the greatest in the world at creating an amazing vision for his life and one of my all-time favourite entrepreneur's by far.

(If you know The Branson-ator, I'd love an invite to his island... just saying.)

Lately something has changed for me. I don't know how or why it changed but it just did.
I felt like I was grinding my gears away on my businesses. Just hustling non-stop without anything good really happening. I felt like I went from being on top of the world to being totally stuck. No matter what I did, I had this feeling like it didn't matter. But I'm a worker, so I just kept on working.
A bit of mild depression sometimes seeped in. I guess less depressed and more a general feeling of a lack of purpose.

But this past month, I have momentum again in every part of my life. And not just momentum because I am getting good results and seeing success, but a certain feeling that I can't easily put into words. The best way I can describe it is just a general vibe that I am genuinely excited about my life and the people I spend it with and the work that I'm doing at Airwaves and with the software company, Event Temple.

I guess you can best describe it as a feeling of being a Creator in my own life. I feel like I do have the power to influence my world and create things. That's what I've always loved too. I don't really spend much money so that's not my driver, yet I work so hard on business. I recently realized it's because I love to create things. I also love art because to me it's about as creative as it gets. I'm not just talking art like a painting or a drawing, but I love music, film soundtracks, cinematography, hand-made stuff, architecture, just anything artistic and creative really. I have also come to see software as art, which surprised me. I never expected it to be, but it is much more art than engineering. Anyone can code something, but making something usable, enjoyable, and simple that is also high functioning is really a creative pursuit more than a mathematical one.

So what I realized is that I reconnected to my purpose. That purpose is to create things. I want to use my creations (businesses, software, etc) to help other people that love to create to do more of what they love to do too. I want to help artists make a living. I want to help small business owners grow. I want all of those creators to be able to create more and do what they love while adding unique value to the world. I think that's what makes the world fascinating, beautiful, exciting and cool.

I also think it's kind of odd and strange that I love to create music and art and I also love business just as much. It's an unusual combination, so I want to use that as a strength and combine those two things to really help the artists. My mission is to support people who could care less about the business side and just want to spend their days making amazing things. I think that's valuable. I want to help the world to value it even more.

Napoleon Bonaparte is one of my heroes and said something about art that I always remember. I'll try my best to paraphrase it. He said that part of conquering the known world at the time was to share art, protect it and encourage people to make more of it. I think it's a pretty worthy cause too!

So from now on, whether it's for Event Temple, for Airwaves, or some other company, my reason for being here is to help people that create shit, to create more shit and take that shit to the next level.
That feels pretty good.

My point of this blog is just to share that I was feeling a bit lost on the path, but my purpose found me. People that know me probably think it's so obvious but I had forgotten about that purpose completely and I felt quite lost. Now that I'm reconnected with that vision, literally everything excites me, from revamping a contract, to meeting with a team member, to programming a line of code. It's all creation or helping people create cool things in their own lives. I really love doing that.

My Vision Is:
In all my business endeavours, no matter what I do, I want to:

Well, that's it for now. I think I'll go practice shredding on my guitar, because I'm focussing on spending a little bit more time on that these days too.  Who knows, maybe I'll even create an album of spanish guitar-shred music soon :)

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