What Is Failing

My friend posted a question on Facebook, asking what "failing" meant. This is what I came up with for myself. What do you think it means?

Here's the thing, you can fail in the short term, mid term, long term and life failure, but each failure is different. Here’s what I mean:

Short Term Failure - You had a clear short term goal and didn’t hit it.
Okay, you failed to achieve your goal. Why did you fail to achieve it?Here, it’s clear you failed. You missed the objective. Short term failures are normal but should be minimized as they create long term failures.Everyone fails short term and that’s an important part of progress. You are going to miss goals, set your expectations too high, sometimes you’ll be lazy and sometimes you will be wrong. That’s being human. Short term failures are OK, but you should learn from them.

Mid Term Failure - You had a big picture plan and you didn’t hit it.
You had a big picture plan and it didn’t work out. Maybe you missed your short term goals or maybe your hypothesis about what was going to work just plain failed. That’s life. Sometimes you will build bad plans. If everyone knew how life was going to turn out ahead of time, it wouldn’t be very much fun, would it?Sometimes we are just flat out wrong. That’s what people mean I think when they say “be willing to fail”. You can’t be right everytime.Your goal is mitiating your risk at mid-term failures by tracking your short term failures and measuring things as you go. If your short term continues to fail, maybe your mid-term goals aren’t on track.So again, you can fail mid-term. That’s just life.Minimizing mid-term failures is a good idea because if you have a lot of mid-term failures, your life is going to be much harder.Short term failures help you do that.

Long Term Failure - In my mind this is caused by:
-Bad attitude-Bad goals-Giving Up/Quitting-Bad decisions prolonged over time-Lack of measurement/self analysis-Impatience/lack of focus
A long term failure to me would be when you ignore what short term failures are teaching you and you continue to make mid term failures. Those compound too, eventually leading to long term failures. As they say, most people are too ambitious when it comes to yearly goals but not ambitious enough when it comes to decade goals. It’s hard to do much in a week or a year but it’s amazing what you can accomplish in 10 years. The chinese had 1000 year goals. They got a lot done and ruled the Earth for many centuries. I think there’s something to it. Warren Buffett buys businesses he plans to own forever. All of these people think very long term and I think there is something to it.
If you become really negative along the way, I consider that a long term failure.If you set the wrong goals and chase things you don’t really want, I consider that a long term failure.If you give up on what you really want, I consider that a long term failure.If you don’t learn from the past, analyze yourself and move toward self improvement, I think you will continue to make the same mistakes, which is also a long term failure.I think being impatient and not having a focus also creates long term failure as you can’t delve deeply into your mistakes. Its much harder than most people think I believe.

Life Failure - I think you can fail in life.
This is when you treat the people you love (including yourself) poorly for long periods of time.It’s when you make irreversible choices that hurt people, the environment or society.You’ve basically created a long-term, negative, lasting impact and never change your ways until you reach the end of your life.This involves being selfish, egotistical and possibly narcicistic. I think a lot of people in history have done this. In this way, they failed to achieve happiness for themselves, they hurt people who cared about them and they hurt the planet.Also choosing a bad relationship can ruin your life.But there’s always a chance to fix it, so if you notice it and fix it, you avoid being a life failure. So this one you really have to choose, every single day until you die. It’s pretty easy to avoid.
I think it’s generally pretty easy to avoid being a life failure.Everyone on this post I think was talking about how to avoid being a life failure and how to avoid long term failure.